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Create Smart Spam

Ah spam, isn’t it wonderful?  Akismet is doing a pretty good job protecting me, but it blocked out a lot of you guys.  After check for legit comments that were blocked through Askimet I found out how popular I really was (heh).  Mostly though, there was just some really annoying shit.  You would think that by now companies would make intelligent spam bots, but no.  Using some natural language processing think of all the great things marketeradvertiserspammerannoying people could do.  I mean seriously spend a little time and develop a good application.  All you have to do is search for keywords, make an intelligent remark, and link to a site that redirects to your spam site (things look in URLs too).  You could use a service such as TinyURL (yes I know it is against the “Terms of Service”) to spam, or you could create your own redirection service with no limits on spam.  Seriously, write something intelligent or do not do it at all.  At least I can get a good laugh out of it!



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Ha, Not Dead!

See, the weirdest thing is that I am more popular dead than alive.  I have more hits now than ever (and more spam too).  Lots of stuff is going down in the tech industry, and some pretty damn cool hacks are going out there.  Ken Burns has a great documentary on WWII going, and I have a crapload of work.  I’m not dead, but I’m not going to be posting low-quality content.  Have fun, if I had anything good I’d post it.  Believe me on that one.


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